Texas Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival (not too far from Houston) is really a joy to attend, and we go back year after year. The people – both employees and attendees – are uncommonly nice, and the same activities continue to be fun even the Nth time. Go! We heartily recommend!








This Romani beauty was standing at the entrance to the water garden, and I just happened by at the right moment. So natural, I had my hand out to hear all about the brilliant future written in my palms, but it seems she was only playing the part.



You can see on their faces how decades of living in the monastery has taken its toll on these lads. Nope, the religious life isn’t for everyone. But they are right on target with at least one diversion, which seems to have brought out a smile and a quarter today.


Ms. Pigtails is feeling downright plucky today. People say life is all about pulling the right strings. Do that, and not only will life go your way, but you’ll be hearing the world’s most beautiful music – yours!


This is Henry the Eighth (seven before him moved on from the Festival for better pay elsewhere, or so we are told). But never mind that, he’s definitely got that regal bearing. And a great voice to match, I can report.


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Boy arguing with gulls, Texas coast.