Houston Wedding: Dave and Katherine

A bright and sunny afternoon in March 2014.

This wedding dress has some serious plans for today, and is feeling a little impatient playing the waiting game.

No worries, its wearer will arrive any moment now.

Let there be no mistake whose wedding dress this is!


These goldfish have never seen better looking rings floating on a lily pad (or anywhere), and arrive for a better view.

Bride’s and groom’s wedding shoes.  It’s my party, and I’ll wear sneakers if I want to. (More photographs later.)

Verifying the vital statistics before tying the knot.

The bride and groom here receive their first congratulations as husband and wife.

Kids enjoy a wedding as much as anyone else. They might not understand everything that is going on, but they get the general idea.

Everything is relative. And relatives make everything  fun and meaningful.

You might not know it from these photos, but our bride has one terrific voice! A little guitar accompaniment from the husband, and these two will be making great music together for decades to come, or so we hope and pray.

What could be better? Not only are you happier than you ever dreamed possible… your family is also tickled pink!

But now we are on to a different venue, the Noveau Antique Art Bar.

Our exceptionally musical couple here enjoy singing Karaoke with the crowd.

Gotta love those Tiffany lamps!

From their first manufacturer circa 1895, these lamps were individually hand made, and each one is unique, just like snowflakes. (But what would a Houstonian know about snowflakes?)

Our bride throws the bouquet — an ancient tradition that requires no explanation.

They vie to catch the bouquet. Fate will bestow upon the winner untold happiness and riches.

These celebrants strike a slightly more serious pose. But only by a bit.

Good thing we have high ceilings!

I really do prefer black and white, actually, but in color sometimes life does look a lot more…  colorful! (And the Tiffany lamps, especially.)

Everybody loves a party. You almost forget how many challenges we face the rest of the time.

Our heartfelt best to Katherine and Dave for a happy life together.  True love doesn’t happen only in fairy tales, you know!